Integrated Math 2


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How did ancient mathematicians create these complex designs using only a compass and straightedge?

Investigations in shape and proof (CPM 1/2)

Unit Guide available here

How can you determine the length of a shadow?

Investigations in similarity and proportional reasoning (CPM 2)

Unit Guide available here

How much would it cost to collect all of the Pokemon Happy Meal toys?

Investigations in probability and expected value (CPM 3/7)

Unit Guide available here

How can we design ramps that are accessible for people in wheelchairs?

Investigations in similarity and trigonometry (CPM 3/4/6)

Unit Guide available here

How can we make predictions about projectiles?

Investigations in quadratic functions and equivalence (CPM 4/5)

Unit Guide available here

Why do bees build their honeycombs with hexagons?

Investigations in two and three dimensional geometry (CPM 8/11)

Unit Guide available here

Should business model to maximize accessibility, profit, or environmental sustainability?

Investigations in modeling and function composition (CPM 9)

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How does your cell phone know where you are?

Investigations in circles and coordinate geometry (CPM 10)

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